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Caribe Bay

Elected 8 times best water park in Italy; Caribe Bay is a fun attraction in the heart of Jesolo, in a few years has taken on importance of international level thanks to continuous investment and the creation of new structures that have transformed the park from the traditional water to a water theme park.

Golf Club Jesolo

Immersed in the green nature path Game of Golf Club Jesolo is an ideal place to enjoy a quiet moment. A refined and elegant just by the sea and the city center.

Pista Azzurra

For those who wish to experience the thrill of driving a kart at full speed, Pista Azzurra puts at our disposal two runs. For children there is the long track 250, while for those who are older than 15 years shall be whiz on the track some 750 meters long. Several models are available Kart with engines of varying power and capacity.

Tropicarium Park

Geological Garden with more than 5000 rare and particular animals. The tropicarium park is divided into three large areas, Acquarium, Predators, and Tropicarium. Acquarium consists of many species of tropical fish and the reconstruction of coral reefs. Predators is home to the most dangerous predators in the world such as crocodiles and various types of sharks. And finally the Tropicarium area which hosts various insects, reptiles and mammals including the friendly penguins.

Pala Invent

A futuristic steel, glass and light distributed over 15,000 square meters, divided into spacious and flexible. The Pala Invent Jesolo Lido is the ideal container to make every single kind of reality iniziativa.Una unparalleled in Italy in size and flexibility of the spaces.